I have been working as a PR Account Associate at Blonde for almost a year now (I know, time flies!), and during my time here I have seen some truly incredible ideas, innovations, and cutting-edge technology. Some of the most unique concepts I have seen from our clients have come in the form of crowdfunding campaigns. Now, we at Blonde are damn good at PR for crowdfunding (*cough cough* self promotion), and we have been proud to take part in many successful campaigns that have reached above and beyond their goals.

Of all of these glorious campaigns, here are a few that I connected to on a personal level and have adopted as my favorites:

  1. Livia – Now I have to admit, when this “off switch for menstrual cramps” walked into the office, I was skeptical. The discrete wearable device which blocks pain receptors through electrical pulses was sent to female writers all over the world to be tested. To my surprise, these women fell IN LOVE with Livia. It was finally my own turn to put Livia to the test – and I was dumbfounded by the results. I was suffering from intense cramps, and Advil just wasn’t cutting it. When I first turned on Livia, the sensation felt a little weird and foreign, but just a moment later I was feeling actual relief! Since Livia is 1340% funded on Indiegogo, I’m happy that thousands of other women will be able to fall in love with Livia too.

Carmel Livia

^^ Here’s me being totally inconspicuous in the office with my Livia. See, even Dafna doesn’t notice!

  1. ZORE X – Yes, I realize that any type of gun-related product or accessory is controversial right now, and when it comes to gun-control, I am definitely supportive of creating stricter gun laws. That being said, gun legislation is unlikely to change anytime soon, and some argue that even if it does change, there’ll still be plenty of gun-related deaths. That’s exactly why ZORE X is such a revolutionary product. The smart cartridge-shaped gun lock provides a solution for gun safety by preventing unauthorized use and alerting gun-owners by phone if anyone touches their gun. But what’s most impressive about this campaign is that gun-owners are actually loving it (the campaign reached its goal of $100,000 within 48 hours!). This is a product that I am happy to be a part of promoting not only because of its cool technology, but also because I believe it has a morally righteous cause and will prevent millions of useless deaths in the future.


  1. G-RO – This was actually one of the first crowdfunding campaigns I got to witness here at Blonde, and I think the reason why it is one of my favorites is because of how consumers responded to it. The sleek all-terrain carry-on stroller was our most successful crowdfunding campaign, and also made Kickstarter history as the most successful luggage campaign ever, reaching a whopping $3,307,773! The company even went on to launch an InDemand campaign on Indiegogo where they raised another cool $1 million. Moreover, being surrounded by people who constantly travel for business, I see the utility and efficiency of this stroller and understand why almost 9000 backers felt exactly the same.G-RO

The campaigns above exemplify the power of crowdfunding and how it gives entrepreneurs the means to bring their unique visions to life. I am excited to see what new ideas walk through the door! Check back with me in a year for my next 3 favorites 🙂