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It’s the summer time. Humidity, fireflies, long sweltering days, and the best part of it all, those late evening sunsets, giving us office-dwellers time to bask in some rays after we leave our climate-controlled cubicles. If you’re like me, the idea of summer is forever associated with one defining tradition – that annual summer vacation! […]

When talking about startups, the majority picture cool gadgets, apps and young people trying to get rich with a slick idea. Most startup founders just find a niche, exploit the market, and cash out. However, not all startups think that way. For some, the ambition of changing the world and truly making a difference is […]

Ten years ago, I set out on an amazing personal journey and created Blonde 2.0. In the time since I founded the company in my own house, until today, Blonde 2.0 has blossomed into an award winning agency with more than 30 talented PR pros spread over two continents. Tel Aviv Team Boston Team   […]

From taking off with the world’s first fully autonomous drone with Airobotics to celebrating our 10th year anniversary, this has been another amazing month to be a Blonde 2.0 client. Airobotics’ new autonomous drone platform took flight. Want to see the future of industrial enterprises? Check out Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Engadget (Twice), Engadget German, Fast Company, […]

I have been working as a PR Account Associate at Blonde for almost a year now (I know, time flies!), and during my time here I have seen some truly incredible ideas, innovations, and cutting-edge technology. Some of the most unique concepts I have seen from our clients have come in the form of crowdfunding […]