It’s not a secret that there is a shortage of women in the world of tech. There are the notable few celebrities that are using their fame to build some buzz around it, like Karlie Kloss and her initiative Kode with Klossy or Jessica Alba’s appearances on various women in tech panels as co-founder of The Honest Company. Though the movement seems slow moving, the wheels are turning and it seems the winds are changing.

As with any initiative, the idea is getting young people interested. So the question becomes: how to get young girls to be interested in taking on the challenging world of tech? Some have crafted coding bracelets, such as Jewelbots, in an effort of combining friendship bracelets that also give subliminal lessons in coding. Others play more to the sarcastic side, with videos mocking the reasons why girls can’t code.

Still others take the here and now approach, aiming to appeal to women both college age and those looking for a quick career change. Programs such as Hackbright Academy offer inexpensive crash courses and 10 week boot camps to certify women in coding and software engineering. Options like Hackbright Academy present the option of job security and a financially lucrative career move to women in an affordable, time efficient manner.

Then there are those who present more of a ‘mentorship’ approach. Among those efforts is iTalent Corporation’s Girl’s Leadership Academy Meetup – or GLAM. CEO and Founder, Renee La Londe, believes the key to inspiration lies in the exposure. By offering young girls the opportunity to meet and collaborate with successful women in business, they can develop a sense of confidence and build on their leadership and networking skills. In addition, the camp will expose the girls to the world of tech through hands-on immersive workshops so they have nothing to fear, whether it’s coding or public speaking.

There is a careful line to tread, with ‘Pinkification Backlash’ an ever present threat. However, most modern movements aren’t aiming to ‘girl tech up’ at all so much as provide exposure and opportunity… just with a pinch of flare!