Last month, NASA’s New Horizons revealed Pluto to us in all its round, icy glory. In 1930, Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh as a flash of light while looking through a telescope. Now, 85 years later, and only 72 seconds earlier than predicted, New Horizons whizzed passed Pluto to give us the closest view yet of the dwarf planet. Photos beamed back to us from the edge of the solar system (7.5 billion kilometers away) show icy mountain ranges, a heart shaped land mass, and lots of data to keep astronomers happy for a very long time.

The climax of this 10 year mission really makes you think: we are actually living in the future. Revolutionary technology like self-driving cars, robots, pocket-sized transporters, face transplants, 3D printing, virtual tech, and even smartphones that enable us to communicate with anyone in the world, are just some of the items on an endless list of amazing technology.

2015 was the year Marty McFly went Back To The Future (Part II), and though we don’t yet have shoe laces that can tie themselves, we are indeed living in futuristic times.

Read more about some current amazing technology:

Lexus’ Slide – The iconic hoverboard is now coming to life! Lexus recently shared a teaser video for a hoverboard that uses magnetic levitation. The Slide relies on superconductors and magnets, which work against gravity to lift the board above the ground, and a dash of liquid nitrogen. Although the Slide only works along magnetic tracks, it is the start of making the impossible possible.

SoftWheel – SoftWheel’s is a cutting-edge company that has quite literally reinvented the wheel to enable wheelchair users with more freedom of travel. Its in-wheel selective suspension system allows wheelchair users to jump curbs, ride on uneven paths- and even go down stairs! SoftWheel’s technology is so revolutionary and can even be applied to anything that has a wheel – bikes, cars, cranes, airplane landing gear, etc. Keep an eye out for them!


BitBiteEssentially a personal coach for eating habits, BitBite helps people eat healthier and lose weight through a tiny microphone earpiece. BitBite monitors eating patterns by analyzing chewing sounds via the microphone which can analyze what, when, where and how the user is eating. The data is then automatically sent and analyzed in your diary which gives advice on how to eat healthier.

Phree – Phree makes the world your paper with this write-virtually-anywhere mobile input device. Connected via Bluetooth, users can virtually write on any surface. It uses patented 3D laser technology to let users write in any language, draw, annotate, and express themselves. It even answers calls, and lets users text message by writing on any surface, like writing on the back of your hand, for example. Phree’s big technology comes in a small package and is expected to ship out in the near future, 2016.

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The Slide, SoftWheel, BitBite and Phree changing the lives of everyday people, allowing them to get around more efficiently, and making everyday tasks more convenient. Across all industries, technology is becoming evermore innovative and continuously pushes the limits. Image what the tech future has in store for us!