From the far reaches of our solar system to the near reaches of Hayarkon Park, this has been a stellar month for Blonde 2.0.
  • The guys over at Yes/No, created an app to let you listen to all the amazing wisdoms of one Donald Trump, whenever you have the desire. Ready to get trumped? check out ABC News, Knack, and AD.nl.
  • Mass Fidelity’s Greg Ponesse went in-depth on crowdfunding for The Next Web.
  • Unbabel CEO Vasco Pedro unbabeled on Geektime.
  • Ashley Madison was on Ynet.
  • Our fearless leader, The Prime Blonde Ayelet Noff hosted a pitch-nic at Tech Open Air in Berlin. It was peachy


  • And speaking of picnics, Our annual Blonde 2.0 summer picnic took place this month for the first time! There was a lot of pizza and a lot of 90s music. We all rocked to the tunes of TLC and Vanilla Ice.