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As most of us know, the position for POTUS will be up for grabs in 2016. The way potential voters are receiving news about the race to the White House comes in many different flavors. From informative, to satirical, to just straight-up silly, Americans now have more options than ever when it comes to how […]

From a million dollars on Kickstarter to being challenged at The Challengers Conference, it has been another great month here at Blonde 2.0. Phree, the stylus that can write on any surface, successfully raised over one million dollars on Kickstarter! Want to write on every surface? Check out Forbes, Forbes China, Reuters, Reuters Japan, Digital […]

The technology world is constantly shifting and innovating. In order for big companies to stay relevant and on top of this dynamic sector they find many ways of partnering with and leveraging new players in the business like startup companies. Although providing capital is one of the most historically popular types of partnerships, many big […]