We often get asked: When it comes to Public Relations, what’s more important the ‘public’ or the ‘relations’? Of course, both elements of PR are equally important, but many seem to put a lot of time and effort into the ‘public’ side of PR, getting their client news out to the media, but don’t focus nearly enough time and energy on the ‘relations’ side, which is equally, if not even more, important.

When we talk about ‘relations’, we don’t just mean the importance of good relations with your clients, but also with the media. Everyday for the past nine years at Blonde 2.0, we have been in touch with dozens of journalists, pitching them stories about exciting new startups and innovative technologies. Since we’re in touch with them daily, we have established very good  connections with many journalists and are afforded the opportunity to ask them anything we like.

So we thought to ourselves, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could allow entrepreneurs from all over the world to hear directly from the reporters and bloggers themselves about what’s the best way to pitch them? This would also be super efficient for the press, since they could tell everyone exactly how they like to be pitched, without the hassle of sifting through hundreds of ineffective, irrelevant, or just plain ‘bad’ pitches. Whether it’s an article about traveling or crypto PR, there are a number of writers who are interested in writing about your pitch, and we have the perfect platform to provide the best connections.

We have therefore created the “How To Pitch Me” blog, a new resource for journalists and entrepreneurs alike. Each week we’ll reach out to our favorite journalists and ask them exactly how they want to be pitched. Each week or so a different writer will share their insights on how they prefer to be pitched and we’ll publish his/her thoughts right here.

If you’re a writer who is tired of looking at an inbox full of really poor pitches and would like to contribute your two cents worth as to how you’d like to be pitched, shoot us a line here and we’ll gladly reach out to you. We also call on all our friends to suggest additional writers you’d like to see offer their advice here, and we’ll reach out to them for you 🙂

Our very first contributor to “How To Pitch Me” is famed blogger, tech evangelist, and author Robert Scoble. Coming off of a long hiatus, we are honored that he will be the first blogger to answer the all-important question “How To Pitch me”.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more…