Campaign season in Israel is exciting, cut-throat, and maybe even a little bit weird. This year is no exception. The 2015 election season has seen everything from politicians babysitting Israel’s children, to dressing up like hipsters on Rothschild Blvd. With all of their TV ad gimmicks, there hasn’t been a big push to reach young voters on the same level via social media.

With the finish line just one week away, we’re giving politicians some much needed advice on which tools they can use to  up their social media game and win over young voters.

There is nothing people love more than seeing politicians look silly, so why not show the voters you know how to laugh at yourself by using Selfit. This photo app uses mixed-reality to enhance your everyday selfie. Choose from a selection of different props to make your daily selfie post stand out amongst the other candidates. In addition to just selfies, Selfit also creates 3D animations and real-time videos. Show the voters just how creative you can be!

If Bibi wanted to use Selfit to help his campaign, he might post a photo of himself dressed up for Purim and show some love for his favorite ally.

Sometimes saying almost nothing at all is the best way to garner support. Voters like to be able to receive a crystal clear message, without wading through all of the party lines and fluff. Yo does just that. Two letters is all you need to send to your supporters to let them know you’re thinking about them and appreciate them.

Isaac (Bougie) Herzog might benefit from this strategy. Connect with voters without any confusing language.

Hang w/
Selfies and social media posts always feel so staged and perfectly put together. Show the voters you know how to do things unscripted by live-broadcasting yourself with Hang w/. Use this app to take live questions from your supporters and toughest critics, by starting a broadcast and simultaneously chatting with the viewers. Not only will they appreciate your impromptu Q&A, but they’ll love having it on their turf.

Yair Lapid’s campaign could stand to add some color. Hang w/ will let him broadcast campaign updates and party positions in a lovely shade of patriotic blue.

Not generating enough social media buzz on your own? Enlist Mobilizr to help you by hiring brand ambassadors to do your social media campaigning for you. If you’re looking to get the youth vote, let the experts take care of it by hiring young professionals to tweet positive messages about you as a candidate. Mobilizr is a reward based system, so as your ambassadors get their followers talking about you, they get rewarded for their hard work.

Avigdor Liberman can use Mobilizr to have young professionals post about what qualities they value most about him and why they’re going to vote for his party.

No matter which strategy you choose, campaigning via social media and reaching out to the younger voters, is what is most important. Inspire the future of the State of Israel with the help of one of these great services. In your final week before the elections, keep the message simple, honest, and fun. B’hatzlacha!