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We often get asked: When it comes to Public Relations, what’s more important the ‘public’ or the ‘relations’? Of course, both elements of PR are equally important, but many seem to put a lot of time and effort into the ‘public’ side of PR, getting their client news out to the media, but don’t focus […]

On December 24th, 2010 I posted my first photo to Instagram. As with most addictions, my dependence on this platform started slowly. In the beginning I was only using the app to archive cool, vintage and interesting photos. To tell you the truth, I was so unaware of the power that was about to overcome […]

There are things in life that inspire you. It can be a person, a book, a teacher, a moment. You never really know what might inspire you, and how. A few weeks ago, I was thinking about just that. what inspires me, what drives me to be a better person and a better professional. And […]

Campaign season in Israel is exciting, cut-throat, and maybe even a little bit weird. This year is no exception. The 2015 election season has seen everything from politicians babysitting Israel’s children, to dressing up like hipsters on Rothschild Blvd. With all of their TV ad gimmicks, there hasn’t been a big push to reach young […]

  From whipping the Web to completing the TLV marathon in style, this has been another great month for Blonde 2.0: Whiplr, the new messenger with kinks, took over the Web in a leather storm. Feeling kinky? Head on over to Marie Claire, Daily Mail (twice), Cosmopolitan, E! Online, ABC7 News, NYLON, Trend Hunter, The […]