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If you decided to make a New Year’s resolution the week before January 1st, you might be experiencing that pesky plateau period where you are losing your motivation to accomplish your goals for 2015. The excitement of the holiday season has worn off and reality has set in. However, now is the time to start […]

If the big television networks want you to believe that the future looks just like the past, they’re missing the bigger trend: consumers want control. And, they also want a more interactive experience, social engagement, and integration with other activities in their lives, increasingly maintained through apps. Television will never again be something we simply […]

Everyday we see many different brands utilizing user-generated content, and they all know what they’re doing. Users and consumers alike have a lot of influence on their immediate circles because they are real people, posting their real opinions. As opposed to models or actors on commercials, UGC makes a better, more genuine impression. If done […]

2014 has been an amazing year for Blonde 2.0 from winning awards such as “PR Campaign of the Year” for our work with Viber to “Viral Campaign of the Year” for our work with StoreDot. Yet the most exciting announcement of all, has yet to be announced and I am happy to share it with […]

This past year has been a year of exciting revolutions in the mobile universe. New mobile messaging and sharing platforms in every conceivable medium, from images, videos, texts and even two letter words, are constantly inventing and reinventing new ways for us to communicate. With different apps utilizing different mediums, communication is getting better. In […]

Viber got game and the Blondes battle it out in Iron Chef competition, December has been the last of 12 amazing months for Blonde 2.0’s clients, and we promise 2015 will be just as exciting! Viber launched its gaming platform, Viber Games! Want to get your game on? Check out Engadget, The Next Web, TechCrunch, […]