I can remember getting my first cell phone back in the ’90’s. It was a Nokia 1011.  The only game options I had were “Catch” and ‘Try To Break Me“. Try to break me was my favorite. My friends and I would throw the phone as hard as we could against a wall. Usually, the wall broke and the phone was fine.

It was not until 2009 that I actually cared about the phone that I was using. Up until that point, I just needed a decent battery and maybe a camera. When I started working for Sprint in Chicago, I learned what you really needed in a phone. Each of the reps had a different phone and customers always wanted the phone that a rep was using. Hey, if I am using it, it must be great, right?

 Now, as a social media specialist, I realize to a deeper degree how important cell phones are. We live and breath by our touchscreens. In order to make certain that our accounts are handled we have to always be connected. Our phones have every app imaginable on them and we know how to use them!

Because of that, batteries are important. After all, we can’t let our phones die while checking our accounts on Pages, now can we?  Some phones, no matter how great they are, just don’t have all the apps needed. Blackberry, albeit my phone of choice, just does not work in the social marketing world. A better option is the Samsung Galaxy s5. It has all the apps available that you can and cannot imagine on it, with a decent battery to boot.


Today, it is almost impossible to think about a phone without the basic app features available. I remember that Nokia 1011 of mine and try to imagine having it today. Can you imagine a black and green Facebook that is full of pixelated images? Apps are the cornerstone of any phone today. The majority want to download and update everything.

Without those apps, we as media gurus cannot survive. I recently deleted one small app on my phone in order to see what it would be like to live without. I deleted Facebook Messenger. (Insert appropriate pause time for gasp). I have to admit that after 2 weeks it makes my life a little harder. In the connected world of phones and media that we media ninjas live in, you need every angle of connection with your peers and clients. That one single app, that otherwise I might not even have noticed was gone, can be a game changer because it leaves one facet of, to steal a line from How I Met Your Mother, connectitude, disconnected.

Basically, to make a long story short, choosing the right phone is essential in our world. We need a phone that lasts and can handle all of our apps so that we can manage our clients to perfection. With that in mind, in regards to the ‘War of the Phones’, Blackberry, though perfect for governments, just can’t keep up in the social media world.