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So like all good Apple fans, I was glued to my Apple TV/MacBook/iPhone screen last Tuesday as the company presented its latest iPhones and unveiled Apple Watch. This was a big day for the tech giant, as it marked the first time since the launch of the iPad that Apple rolled out a brand-new hardware […]

If there’s one thing the startup world is famous for – it’s the speed. Things happen fast, good or bad. This November an opportunity is coming your way that could speed up your startup all over Europe, give you more Media money than you could ever dream of – and do it all in seven […]

After four years of fashion school, countless runway shows, and numerous after parties, I finally learned the secret of how to make sure you don’t miss a single accessory, Social Media. With everyone online, staying connected has become extremely easy. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr, are five of the most popular social platforms in […]

I can remember getting my first cell phone back in the ’90’s. It was a Nokia 1011.  The only game options I had were “Catch” and ‘Try To Break Me“. Try to break me was my favorite. My friends and I would throw the phone as hard as we could against a wall. Usually, the wall […]

From some Yo-tastic new features to our secret cloning facilities it’s been another amazing month for Blonde 2.0 clients: The Yo “perfect PR storm” rages on, with a lot of coverage coming in for it’s new features. Check them out here- Daily Mail, ABC News, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Next Web, The Verge, […]