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Before coming to Blonde 2.0 I was involved with the non-profit world, holding roles as an intern here and a fellow there. I always felt as though I was part of something good, important, and bigger than myself. Coming into the universe of high tech and social media has been a big change with quite […]

Famous bands have all sorts of stories as to how they became legendary hitmakers. John Lennon was introduced to a young Paul McCartney at a church festival. Paul’s friend from school was a member of John’s band the Quarrymen. After hearing Paul play, John knew that Paul was a talented musician and was faced with […]

When was the last time you had to memorize anything without using technology? Can’t remember? Neither can I. It seems that one of the most prominent changes brought to us by the smartphones revolution, is that the more we expend out digital memory – the more we lose touch with our human one. Sure, you […]

Photo Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0, honestreporting, Flickr

The Internet is long-past the point of too much content. However, since every person with a keyboard and automatic spell-checking can now aspire to report the news, I think that the validity of well-established news sources is of more importance than ever. But then I ask: Do these news publishers, some of which precede the […]

From an amazing media tour with Yo to a very popular post on VentureBeat, this month was no MIRAGE and a great one to be a Blonde 2.0 client! So last month we told you Yo is taking the world by storm. Well, with it’s new API and even more funding. It seems Yo’s perfect […]

My parents have always told me that if I ever need anything at all, day or night, I can call them at any time – well, not any time, not during their ‘shows’. I’ve made that mistake before, called in the evening after dinner time, and although I have them on the phone, they’re not […]