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When I share a picture or post on Facebook, I am sharing it with the hopes of other people finding some level of enjoyment, envy or, conflict with what I posted, or in essence, a reaction. With social media, we archive our entire lives into albums and share what’s happening right now in 140 characters […]

I am 30 years old. Not everyone my age can say it, but most people who are half my age will be able to say that they cannot remember a time when there wasn’t a computer in their life.  My first computer was in my house when I was four years old, an Apple II. […]

The Israeli- Palestinian conflict has infiltrated the social media scene and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Along with non-stop air strikes, sirens, and collapsing peace talks, supporters of both sides have flooded our electronic screens with their pictures, statuses, and opinions. There are posts, tweets, and photos from supporters of both […]

If you are like me (or every other girl I’ve ever met), you have probably been planning your wedding since…well, probably since you were old enough to figure out what a wedding was. For me I think it was around the age of three and a half, when I figured out how to run around […]

Yo! Are you ready for another Blonde 2.0 monthly wrap-up? It was an awesome month for Blonde 2.0 clients and we also won an award! Yo! Unless you decided to excommunicate yourself from society and move to a bomb shelter with no Internet or TV (in which case, how are you reading this?) you’ve probably […]