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“What to wear today” is a common thought that comes across almost every woman’s mind on a daily basis — whether it be planning an outfit for work, dancing the night away at the closest outdoor bar, or dressing up for the elegant Italian restaurant on Ibn Gvirol. Finding the perfect ensemble can be time consuming, stressful, […]

I post a lot on social media (surprise, I work in social media!) and sorry, but I’m not sorry. For many, especially those fondly referred to as millennials, posting on social media has become a normal and even expected part of one’s day. My constant sharing on social media often results in people informing me […]

Forty years later and I can still remember how profoundly I was affected by the Isaac Asimov short story, “It’s Such a Beautiful Day.” A young boy, a few hundred years in the future, is sent to a psychiatrist because he won’t use a “Door,” a ubiquitous teleportation device, preferring to walk outside. By the […]

From the Smartest air conditioners to the most important tech blogger in the universe, May 2014 was yet another amazing month to be a Blonde 2.0 client! Sensibo, the coolest startup around, got fully funded on Indiegogo! But you can still pitch in! Feeling the heat? Head over to The Verge, Ubergizmo, Digital Trends, Crowdfund […]