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Over the last several months marketers have been struggling with the many restrictions and changes in content exposure on Facebook.  It is already known that in order to get proper exposure of content on Facebook you’ll need to pay, otherwise only between 1-2% of your fans will get to see your page posts on their […]

Once upon a time there was a magical castle where a group of distinguished individuals gathered to decide and discuss the future of the mobile world. That place is not middle earth – it’s Germany. Every summer the MLOVE ConFestival takes place at the Beesenstedt Castle near Berlin. MLOVE brings together the most cutting edge […]

It’s no wonder Motti Peer looks like Superman; they both have two jobs. Motti is Blonde 2.0’s co-CEO by day and a client shrink by night. This super-CEO’s job entails running and managing the day-to-day success of Blonde 2.0.  Throughout the workday Motti checks the Facebook and Twitter profiles of all his clients to make […]

Ask any cooking enthusiast where they gained their culinary skills and they will tell you they learned from their mothers, having spent a childhood of licking sticky bowls of frosting and home baking on weekends.  All over the world, mamas of the French, Italian and Yidishe varieties, to name but a few, have given birth […]

Startups of the world unite! April was a really big month for Blonde 2.0’s clients! From fast charging batteries to our brand new office! This was yet another great month to be a Blonde 2.0 client! If you haven’t been living under a rock, you definitely heard about StoreDot’s 30 second smartphone battery charger, here’s […]