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(Edited by Talia Londoner) Hey, Alanis! Want to hear something ironic? We live in a world where you can interact with people in so many different ways, where messaging is simpler than ever, and yet with SMS, Whatsapp, DM and Facebook chat, somehow we still can’t seem to get the points of our messages across. […]

As a social media expert at Blonde.20, the main goal of my job is to build large communities on all social media platforms for each of my clients, including Google Plus. As I’m sure you are aware, G+ has continuously proven itself due to its unique potential and it has awesome organic reach compared to […]

A few years ago, if somebody would have asked, “But how will technology impact and influence the fashion industry?” No one would have ever guessed that the answer would just be the simple reply of, “wearable technology, of course!” Until recently, technological gadgets have been lacking in design especially when it comes to wearables. More […]

From AirHelp’s amazing take off to our brand new office, this has been an amazing month for Blonde 2.0 clients, and that’s no April fools’ joke!   AirHelp’s delayed flight compensation solution’s US launch really took off (get it?) TechCrunch, NBC News, NBC Bay Area, NBC Connecticut, NBC Radio, Chicago Tribune, Lifehacker (Twice), Fox News, […]

Think of yourself driving on a busy highway, passing by tens of billboard signs on the way to your destination. They keep changing every week or so. Brands spend stacks of cash for a split second of your attention. The thing is, you find most of them irrelevant and pointless. Facebook is by far the best […]