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At some point over the last eight months I learned a joke about runners: Q: How do you know if someone has run a marathon? A: They’ll tell you. With that out of the way, it was probably around 10 years ago that I first started to think about running a marathon. I wasn’t a […]

The internet isn’t going to save the world. There I said it. Look, I’m not trying to be contrary, but there’s a long view that’s worth considering. It’s not the tool that matters as much as the person who wields it. The revolution certainly has been tweeted, posted, and shared to death. But if you […]

Once in a while we must ask ourselves, “Is my profile picture still accurate?” Social networking is all about harvesting a personal brand. You must remain in control of how your branding is spun. Inaccurate social media profiles could be hurting your image. Facebook turned ten this year – and most of your content probably […]

From a $900 million acquisition to the TLV marathon, this has been another great month to be a Blonde 2.0 Client EverythingMe got out of beta, you can read everything about it on Techcrunch, TheNextWeb (Twice!), Gigaom, Engagdget, The Verge (Twice!), Mashable, Cnet, Scobleizer, Lifehacker, Ubergizmo (Twice!), Android Authority (Twice!), Android Police (Twice!), Business Insider […]