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Social media never sleeps even though you do. Here are six tips to help you tame your social media now. 1. That platform looks bad on you, take it off! First and foremost, you’re going to need to start making strategic choices on what platforms you should focus on. The platform you think is perfect […]

Disclaimer: Spoilers to Come After ten glorious blood-and-sweat-drenched weeks, Game of Thrones has ended, leaving our television screens regrettably bereft of bodily fluids until next winter. If you’re like me, captivated by the brilliant interplay of Sex! Suspense! Sex! Action! Humor! Did I mention sex?, then you’ve probably found yourself trapped in an existential funk. What will […]

A few days ago I came back from MLOVE Berlin, the “TED” of mobile conferences. A few hundred participants came together to discuss the future of mobile — in an amazingly beautiful castle, no less. The attendees come from a variety of backgrounds, but all share one important thing in common: They are impassioned leaders […]