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Business hasn’t changed much in the 40 some-odd years separating us and the “Mad Men” timeline. What has changed are the tools in which business is conducted. After Mad Men’s final episode, I floated into a nostalgic dream that looked back on how times have changed, but also how they stayed the same. The office […]

At LeWeb London last week, I got a chance to sit down with the great Robert Scoble and hear his thoughts on Google Glass, being one of the very first people outside of Google to use it. We talk about its current features, upcoming features, why facial recognition would be freaky to integrate at this […]

Last week, Tim Cook made his second appearance on stage, at the D11 conference, as Apple’s CEO. With Apple running its longest time in-between product cycles announcement in years and its stock going down, tech lovers want to see what Tim Cook has to tell us about Apple and where it’s going next. In case you […]

I just returned from Russia’s largest Start-up conference, held at Skolkovo Innovation Center – Russia’s Silicon Valley. The conference combined some of the best aspects of start-festivals around the world, with no closed sessions, an air of open communication and innovation encompassed the conference. Three thousand international participants, myself included, came together to turn ideas […]