Facebook finally started rolling out the new Facebook news feed. I don’t know about you, but I’m happy with the new redesign. It’s cleaner and more fun to look at. To put it simply, it’s just a lot easier on the eyes.

For marketers, Facebook’s new ‘news feed’ is both a challenge and an opportunity. It’s a challenge  because now Facebook users can block out pages from their main feed and focus on their friends. Meaning, there’s a chance they might not even see your publications. On the other hand, Facebook gives marketers a better chance to stand out when posting content.

To put it even more simply, here are 5 tips for marketing with the new Facebook newsfeed:

Bigger Photos – We all knew this day would come. Photos have always been big on Facebook . People love posting them. The insights don’t lie and for marketers are an essestional strategy due to the fact they drive more likes and drive more shares, etc. With the new newsfeed, Facebook has gone all out to put visual images in the front. Even with their recently released Facebook Home, they made it all about the visuals. If you’ve been posting “meh” pictures so far, it’s time to boost it up. Photos should now be the center of your marketing attention.

The new subfeeds

Better Stories –Facebook makes it harder for your story to reach the masses, but if your story is liked, then it would be proudly displayed in the newsfeed with a text and photo combo. You need to have really great content, it’s important now than ever before. Your stories will get better spots in the newsfeed one liked / shared / commented. Use it!

Customize feeds – Event though it originally sounds like bad news for brand pages, there’s actually an opportunity here. Of course you can choose friends feed or pages feed, but you can also choose “Photos” or “Music”. I think that many users will choose to take a look at the photo feed, since Facebook is a lot about the photos people share and post. This is your brand’s chance to post really great photos and people won’t see them as ‘page promotion’ but as simply great pictures to engage with. Just make sure you post great photos.

Same look cross different Platforms – I don’t know about you, but for me, there’s nothing more annoying then working on a great status, picking up a great photo, posting it on Facebook just to realize it looks crappy on mobile devices. I mean, Facebook has about 680 million mobile users. It’s a shame to let my post go to waste. With the new ‘newsfeed’ you can be sure your status update are delivered the same way to all users.

Same look cross platforms

Upcoming Events – Events hardly work. I think we can all agree on it. But Facebook won’t let it die out. Events are a big part of Facebook’s strategy and now they are given better representation. Instead of getting a small feed space, they are now beautifully grouped and better presented. Make sure you choose a great pic for your event’s profile.

Every time Facebook refreshes it’s profile pages or feed all marketers get alarmed. Instead of fighting, I say, lets embrace it. It’s here either way.


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