February 14th. The day we’re meant to show our significant other how much we love them.  Some refuse to play into a “commercial holiday” and others burry their heads with a box of Krispy Kreme, but most people celebrate in some way or another. These days it’s hard to do anything without the digital world playing a role. Here’s a collection of gems found on the web that will digitize your V-day experience without destroying the romance:



It’s hard to be on the Web these days without stumbling across a Buzzfeed list or two. Here’s a list of the 39 Best Things Ever Said About Love. Use these when composing those Valentine’s Day cards, texts, and tweets. (Image by Scott Eells / Getty Images)





Mashable shares the proper tech etiquette we need to remember this Valentine’s Day such as making sure to show a some online PDA when in a committed relationship but not making public declarations of love or relationship status changes on Facebook after only two dates . I suggest discretely sharing this link with your hunny. (Image by pearleye, iStockphoto)





It’s hard to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your love if they are far away. Popsugar shares 5 great apps for long distance romance. (Image by exdez, iStockphoto)






Uh-oh, did you forget to buy a gift? It’s not too late. Here’s a collection of romantic web tools for showing your love – available 24/7 – no gift wrap necessary.





Valentine’s Day is not without its humorous side. Share these hysterical, sarcastic, and often accurate Someecard’s on your social profiles to get in the holiday spirit.





Sometimes the best way to live in a digital world is to step away from it once in a while. Put down the smartphone and enjoy some quality time together.




Looking for love? It’s a safe bet that online dating sites will be hopping with activity on Valentine’s Day.  Here are eight pro tips for online dating – my personal favorite:  “Remember What You Want”. (Image courtesy of Flickr, ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser)



How will the digital world play a part in your Valentine’s Day experience this year? Did you purchase a gift online or make dinner reservations through a mobile app? Has your significant other ever done something for you that was both romantic and digital at the same time? Tell us in the comments!