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Each year millions of people look forward to the holiday season. Maybe they are looking forward to parties, and family dinners, and quality time with their loved ones. Perhaps they enjoy going to church or synagogue. Could be that they simply enjoy Starbucks’ pumpkin spiced lattes, and candy canes. But if social media tells us […]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about the conflict we’ve had here in Israel. Hamas was attacking Israel and the IDF was attacking Hamas. As Ron Burgundy would say, things escalated quickly, so quickly that within a week an explosive charge was planted on a bus. But this post isn’t about that conflict (some […]

What’s so great about a baby biting his brother’s finger? There are 500 million people you can ask.
Viral videos have become the Internet’s Holy Grail. Yes, I’m talking about those videos that you get via Facebook, Twitter, email and other Social Media channels. You know, those videos that you watch during work instead of actually doing your job.

As I and a bunch of others predicted last year, 2012 was a big one for social media. This coming year there will be a shift of Felix Baumgartner – like proportions as Facebook continues to grow exponentially and other networks either continue to grow or stagnate and drop off the Social Media planet. Below […]

I travel around the world a lot. Usually, I don’t even pick the destination, conference organizers take care of that for me. But if I already get on a plane, it would be nice to know where it’s worth going in the city I’m in, based on what I enjoy. We Blog the World recently […]