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I love animals. Animals with fur or without, big or small, insects, mammals, fish, vertebrate and invertebrates – I love them all. Luckily, the World Wide Web is a great place for the typical geeky animal lover such as myself because, let’s face it, our fauna friends have already become the stars of every social […]

So you’ve got an amazing new app or a killer new feature for your service. Maybe you just raised a significant amount of money in a funding round. What can you expect in terms of media coverage when you make your announcement via a press release or blogger outreach? That’s a common question we receive […]

The Google Doodle… well to start off with it’s a mouthful, and the challenge is not just to say it 7 times in a row, but now also to win a ‘gold’ medal in the Olympic Google games that I have been playing every few days since July 27th. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not […]

Remember the scene in the first Harry Potter movie when Professor Quirrel bursts into the Great Hall to announce that there was a troll in the dungeons? General panic sets in as trolls are known to wreak havoc wherever they may be with students and teachers alike running for their lives. A very different sort […]

We share everything on Social Media…well, almost everything. Case in point, one of my friends has dedicated nearly her entire Twitter account to talking about her bowel movements…and people like it (You will too, follow @idaholloway). So it’s safe to say that there are no taboos on the internet, well that is except for one […]