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This is the million dollar question that everyone’s trying to answer, isn’t it? In my capacity as an evangelist of new technology products, I have pondered upon and researched this question for years now. In my research, I have recently come across a highly interesting discussion happening around this question on Quora. There were many of […]

The king is dead, long live the king! It seems that the days of Draw Something being the ‘in’ thing are over, with the emergence of Song Pop! This song pop quiz has become the new hot and happening app trend! Can you believe that Song Pop was only released about a month ago, and […]

I recently came back from MLOVE, an amazing mobile focused conference, that takes place in a castle in Berlin. Yes you heard right. A castle.Take a look on the left. During this conference I heard a lot of interesting talks….but the coolest, most interesting presentation I saw was given by Michael Breidenbruecker, former founder of Last.FM, […]

Never in the field of technology was one man so right about so many things. You’ll have to excuse me for paraphrasing Winston Churchill, but the fifth anniversary of the iPhone launch which the tech world marked recently has me reflecting on the significance of this iconic device. While it’s obvious in hindsight that the […]