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I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I’m actually excited about a Microsoft computing product. Sure, the Xbox is awesome, but in personal and mobile computing innovation, they’ve been playing catch-up with Apple. Well, not anymore. Last week, Microsoft made its biggest announcement since the launch of Windows; they’re going back into hardware mode, in […]

As a child, teen and adolescent I was baffled by the stock market. Why do stocks go up and down, who is actually trading them and why? I never understood these things. What makes my story more interesting is that my mother was completely submerged in the world of stock trading. Starting at Lehman Brothers, […]

Do you “check in” to shows while you’re watching them? Does that make your TV watching experience social enough for ya? Well, sorry to disappoint, but that thing you’re doing whenever you watch TV and check in to a show is going to have to be called something else, because social TV is gonna get […]