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This week, I saw a truly amazing product. This product was a platform for creating Facebook applications and the only thing you need to use it is some working knowledge of power point. The product’s tagline was “Programmers are Overrated”. I was thinking about that line when I got an e-mail from WIX saying I […]

I go to tech conferences all over the world. One conference that I never miss is LeWeb Paris. Why? Because this conference has all that one could ask for – amazing lineup of speakers and panels, great networking crowd, the coolest parties, incredible food and the most wonderful ambiance. This year Geraldine and Loic have […]

I remember my first computer, 75 Megahertz processor and 250 megabyte hard drive; I now have a disk on key that has 30 times that amount of space. I remember that horrible sound of AOL trying to connect to the internet through a 24.4 k modem. We thought we were so technologically advanced back then; […]

Get it together Google. Get it together Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and everyone else! I am sick and tired of phones that don’t work. How hard can it be? Simply said, I’m a loyal Android user and fanboy of the OS for about two years now. I stood by the OS through thick and thin […]