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The last few weeks have seen yet the latest launch in what is becoming a string of successful online social gaming applications. This time it is the turn of OMGPOP’s Draw Something. In the first 5 weeks after its official launch, the application was downloaded an incredible 20 million times! There are over 12 million […]

I recently moved into a new apartment, and about a week ago I was plugging some of my appliances into the wall. I plugged in an adapter that split a single outlet into two, and then plugged in my oven. The moment the plug made contact with the outlet sparks shot out of the adapter […]

So you might not know Jonah, he’s head of PR here at blonde 2.0, and he’s awesome. But as far as the rest of the company is concerned, the best thing about Jonah is not his great PRs or how good he can schmooze  reporters, his best feature is his family tree, and what it […]