Couch SurfingThe DLD 2012 conference in Munich was a great place to mingle and network with social media super stars and online entrepreneurs.  At the conference I had the opportunity to speak with Casey Fenton, CEO and Co-founder of CouchSurfing, who sat with me and discussed his company’s completely unique business model.

The idea of CouchSurfing was fueled by Casey’s own experiences while traveling the world.  Casey found  that by networking with people all over the world, he could rely on their hospitality and vice versa.

CouchSurfing is a community, and as such it focuses on spirit of trust and hospitality.  Members of the CouchSurfing network offer their homes to fellow travelers in order to help facilitate a truly genuine experience, from the perspective of a local.

Casey shares some of the crazy experiences he has had over the years using CouchSurfing.  From the Galapagos to Scandinavia, his stories are pretty amazing!