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I am a Harry Potter fan and I am not ashamed to admit it. I own all the books and all the movies and have read and watched each on more numerous occasions. I would go so far as to say that I have probably read the 7th Harry Potter book the same amount of […]

Now, I’m a creative catalyst at a social media agency. What does that mean? It means my job consists of thinking about new and exciting ways to engage costumers with brands across all social medias, this is harder than being a copywriter for a traditional advertising company, mainly because the main format of advertisement hasn’t […]

So maybe you’re sitting in front of your computer saying “Oh crap, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I don’t have a card yet!!” Well I want to reassure you that all is not lost. You can send your sweetheart a super-cool, amazingly personal Valentine’s ecard, and you only need a few minutes to put it […]

  The DLD 2012 conference in Munich was a great place to mingle and network with social media super stars and online entrepreneurs.  At the conference I had the opportunity to speak with Casey Fenton, CEO and Co-founder of CouchSurfing, who sat with me and discussed his company’s completely unique business model. The idea of CouchSurfing was […]