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Have a party on .Friends

This post was originally posted on on December 28th. You and your friends from all over the world walk into a bar on New Year’s Eve. The music is great, the bartender is friendly, and you and all your friends are dressed up in your favorite outfits. Your friend from London decides to pick […]

Post written by Kevin Swaine I am not ashamed to say that I am, and always have been fascinated by time travel. Be it Doc Brown’s Delorean or the Doctor’s TARDIS, anything to do with time travel has me jumping up and down for more. You can imagine my joy when Facebook rolled out the […]

HopStop, a leader in the emerging field of digital pedestrian navigation and mobile transit routing, has released a fascinating Urban Travel Patterns infographic examining the top trends for on-the-go consumers.  According to HopStop, the infographic’s data is “based over 400 million HopStop routes and 2.25 billion miles traveled” in order to expose major travel trends […]

Post written by Shahar Goldfinger This week, I bought myself a birthday present, it was a genuine mint condition Gameboy color full with a night light, a Pokémon blue cartridge, and a cable to connect up to four (!) Gameboys at once, the guy who sold it to me stated that there is no need […]