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As Summer turns into Autumn and the leaves of the trees turn brown in color, so begins the countdown to the holiday season. The beginning of the countdown has traditionally started at the end of October each year with the celebration of Halloween. As has become tradition in the Apple App Store, a special Halloween […]

Post written by Shahar Goldfinger So, I walk into our studio, and on the studio manager’s desk I find a hard drive. Not just any hard drive, but an external, three years old Maxtor 320 GB hard drive. Now, I own 2 external hard drives myself, a WD My Passport 1TB and a Hitachi Simpletough […]

Post written by Jonah Balfour This was a very exciting morning in Israel. After more than five years in captivity, Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was returned to Israel. It was amazing how all of Israel tuned-in to the news, whether on TV, the Internet, or the social Web. At one point it felt like all […]

Post written by Jonah Balfour I’ll start this post by saying that I am one of the faithful. I’m an Apple fan if there ever was one and I’m one of those people that give Apple fans their reputation as cult-like followers, worshiping at the altar of Steve Jobs. I have never owned a non-Apple […]