Post written by Joanna Ezekiel

I’m a pretty organized person. I love lists. I love them even more when they’re color coordinated. I used to have a little book that I carried around with me with notes from different phone calls I had with various bureaucratic offices, shopping lists, opening times of places I needed to go, and other vaguely useful pieces of information.

I don’t have that little book anymore. Instead, I have Evernote. This cross platform app has solved all my organizational issues, and here’s why:

  1. Cross platform syncing – Evernote has apps for mobile platforms, Web, desktop… which basically means that wherever I am and whatever I’m doing, I have access to Evernote. All the platforms sync seamlessly – so, if I clip something from a website I like (more on that later) on my laptop, I can see it on my phone later on.
  2. Lists – When I create a list on the web or desktop version (I haven’t figured out how to do it on my phone yet – if anyone reading this can help I would love to hear), I can add check boxes to items on my list. As I’m sure you can imagine based on my previous admission of my love of color coordination, this is very exciting.
  3. Photos – Evernote lets you add photos and screenshots as notes. This is awesome for those times you just can’t write things out. I had my hands full of shopping bags and saw a book I wanted to buy (but also wanted to wait until it was out in paperback). I snapped a picture instead of taking the time to write out the title and author. I’ve also added screenshots of things I’ve looked up on my iPhone that I know will come in useful later – bus routes, opening times, etc.
  4. Voice notes – This is actually a feature I rarely use, mainly because I hate the sound of my voice recorded. But for those of you who love the sound of your own voice, this is a great feature! Voice notes come with all the same features as regular notes. Which just gives you another way to remember everything.
  5. Geographical features – Ever lose your car in a car park? Never again with Evernote. You can add a geographical tag to any notes you make, and then later on search for notes that were created in a 1 km radius. Or 5 km radius if you walked really far since you parked your car.
  6. Tags and search – There are many ways to search for the note you’re looking for. Add tags when you create a note, and narrow things down this way. You can also search for any text in a note – and that includes text inside an image. So those screenshots that I took earlier of opening times? Searchable.
  7. Browser extensions – I use Chrome, and so can only speak for the Chrome extension. Which I love. It lets you clip articles, or even entire webpages, straight to your Evernote account. You can add tags before you upload them, making it a one-stop way to get that information straight from your browser to your notes.
  8. Share options – Found something great and want to share it with someone via email? Or how about all your Facebook friends? Evernote lets you do all this with one simple click. Just don’t post that note with the list of underwear you need to stock up on to Facebook by accident.
  9. The Trunk – The Trunk is an app store of sorts. It includes all apps, whether they are on the iPhone, Android, or web-based, that work with Evernote. Reeder lets you send articles straight from Google Reader to Evernote. Colorstache lets you search your notes by color (it’s like it was made for me). There’s also a section with notes from websites such as Epicurious that you can add to your notebook – recipes straight to your Evernote account!
  10. Email into Evernote – This is one of my favorite features. When I say favorite, I mean of all time, in any app. You can email a note straight into your Evernote account. I used to email myself notes all the time, when I couldn’t find a pen or wasn’t near paper. Now I just emailed them straight to my Evernote account. You can even tag and title them straight from the email.

There is a Premium version of Evernote, which lets you upload more content each month and may well have even more exciting features that I haven’t mentioned here. I’ve never used it, and never really needed to – with all these features coming for free, I can’t really think of anything I’m missing! But if I do, I will write a note and let you know.

Joanna has a Bachelor of Arts from Manchester Metropolitan University in England. After graduating, Joanna used her creative skills in writing and marketing roles before joining the Blonde 2.0 team. She enjoys writing and using social media in both her personal and professional lives, using social media to keep in touch with and make new friends around the world. Joanna keeps an active blog and is savvy in all topics related to social media.