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Post written by Kevin Swaine Last week Facebook announced another set of changes to the popular social network. In a surprise move, one of those changes gave the power back to the Facebook user to monitor what photos are tagged of him or her. As most people are trying to ensure that their parents don’t […]

Post written by Joanna Ezekiel I’m a pretty organized person. I love lists. I love them even more when they’re color coordinated. I used to have a little book that I carried around with me with notes from different phone calls I had with various bureaucratic offices, shopping lists, opening times of places I needed […]

Post written by Shahar Goldfinger Yesterday a friend took a picture of me and two other friends sitting together at a coffee shop with all our heads buried in our smartphones. When he was asked why he did this he yelled “This is what these <expletive deleted> phones are making us! We don’t communicate anymore! […]

Post written by Jonah Balfour Not too long I opened Twitter, well Hootsuite to be precise, to find the following sponsored tweet at the top of my feed. “We screwed up and we’re sorry.” It’s not every day you see a tweet like that, let alone one that a company paid for. Yet, this tweet […]

Post written by Kevin Swaine It is commonly accepted that football or soccer (depending on where you are from) is the most watched and followed sport in the world. Soccer posters are plastered to every young (and not so young) soccer fan’s bedroom wall and in days gone by, fans actually mingled with their favorite […]