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When companies are trying to figure out who they want to market to, they usually think in terms of quality; meaning high end B2B sales to large corporate customers – Or quantity; meaning high volume B2C sales targeting the individual consumer. Who do you think gets lost in the mix? – That’s right, small business. […]

on Sunday I gave a lecture at The Marker’s Customer Experience Conference. I spoke about: “The relationship between the brand and the consumer on social networks: From flirt to love.” How should brands engage with consumers on social networks? You’ll see that the relationship between brands and consumers on social networks is very similar to […]

Have you ever looked at a photograph of a captivating figure, with vivid detail and exotic settings, and thought to yourself ‘If this person could talk, what would they say?’ That’s the question that the people at Fotobabble asked themselves before creating their innovative application that allows you to upload an accompanying audio message to […]

The Pivot conference is revving up again, scheduled to hit the Big Apple on the 17th – 19th of October, 2010. If you have anything to do with the marketing sweet spot of 18 – 34 year old generation ‘T’ (Techies), then you should definitely consider stopping by. Why?  5 reasons for you: Reason 1– […]