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While Biz Stone was in Israel this week, I was interviewed by Globes TV regarding twitter’s role in my life and how twitter can help both brands and individuals in building and enhancing their online image.  The interview was also broadcasted on Channel 1 in Israel. Please note, the interview is in Hebrew. To view, click here. Illustration […]

I was invited yesterday morning to the Biz Stone press conference hosted by the College of Management . For me personally it was very exciting to meet one of the founders of the social platform that I love and admire the most. Biz didn’t surprise us with any new acquisition in Israel but mostly talked […]

Last week Eytan Galai, brother of Yaron Galai (Founder of Quigo which was sold to AOL) came to our offices to show us all the latest                   that’s been happening with Outbrain. For anyone who doesn’t know, Outbrain has recently  launched its revenue program OutLoud. For $10 a month, […]

(Guest post by Dorine Sinigaglia) Brands are using effective social media tools like Twitter more and more these days in creative ways to promote their brand name as a way to reach out to their consumers and attract new ones. Some brands really know how to promote their brand well – and this has been […]

These days we live in an era of a historian’s wet dream. We are consistently recording history through all our social tools. Our actions, feelings, thoughts, our everything, constantly being recorded. From where we are eating to what we are annoyed about to what it is that makes us tick. Not only are we recording […]

(Guest Post by Ilan Peer) Since I don’t have an iPhone, it rarely happens that I update my location status, or tweeting where i hang out. To top this all off, I don’t even fully utilize this cool app that I’m writing about! Since it really caught my attention, I wanted to share my thoughts […]

In my opinion twitter is the best tool we have today to engage with others, spread a message, network, meet other like-minded people, and stay on top of the news, in any industry. The only aspect I’ve always found problematic on twitter was the impossibility of organizing information. This is something that’s changed now with […]