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(Disclosure Blonde 2.0 has cooperated together with Beck’s on this project) When done properly, a branded iPhone app can achieve brand international exposure for relatively little investment. However, if not done properly, the brand will suffer from bad criticism and the money will go to waste. Take for example – the useless iPhone application made […]

(Disclosure: Xsights is a Blonde 2.0 client) Xsights is a new start-up company that has just come out with its Light iPhone app which enables its users to bring print to life. Xsights makes it possible to transform static printed items that can be captured through the cell phone’s camera into an interactive multimedia experience. Xsights […]

Universal Music Publishing is the #1 music publisher in the world. I shot a short video clip of David Renzer, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Publishing, when he was visiting us at Garage Geeks. In this video he discusses the exciting activities that are coming up in his company – including a Los Angeles/Tel-Aviv […]

In today’s world where we have an option of which search engine to use, we find ourselves perplexed regarding the question: Is Google the best that search can be? Even for those of us who consider ourselves to be Web savvy, finding the right search term can often be tricky. And once we get the […]

Guest Post by Ahuvah This blog post was inspired by an article I just read in Business Week titled “The Great Trust Offensive”. As I personally delve deeper into the world of corporate branding, I find it very interesting to come across various insights and tactics to building a brand and maintaining the correct corporate […]

(Disclosure: SimilarWeb is a Blonde2.0 client) SimilarWeb the Firefox add-on that enables users to discover related websites similar to ones they are currently visiting has now made it simpler than ever to find similar content that relates to the user’s interests. The three new features include Similar Articles, Recent Buzz, and Mini-Mode, which allow the […]