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In the years that I’ve been involved in social media, I have heard so many misconceptions and myths about social media that I am certain this article is long overdue. Here is a list of the top five misconceptions regarding social media: 1) Misconception #1: Social Media is only right for certain brands – Often […]

Guest Post by Ahuvah Berger (Disclosure WorldMate is a client of Blonde 2.0) WorldMate has updated their travel iPhone app and now enables users to share their itinerary with family, friends and colleagues, plus get a 5-day weather forecast wherever they are in the world. The new version WorldMate 1.6 offers the new features for […]

TC50 was a blast. Lots of startups, action, Geek celebs, the works. My favorite part of the trip was reuniting with my good mates from the Silicon Valley and London tech scene. Below you’ll find two videos. The first showing Robin Wauters’ (TechCrunch Reporter) and Mike Butcher’s (Founder of TechCrunch Europe) feedback regarding this year’s […]

Guest Post written by Ilan Peer I never get deeply upset or let emotions get the better of me when it comes to dealing with web services. I mean I do expect them to deliver and  fulfill their added value but if the service doesn’t deliver, i don’t take it personally nor get angry ( […]

Disclosure: Trollim is a client of Blonde 2.0 and Blonde 2.0 is proud to introduce the world to this new amazing platform Trollim was chosen by TechCrunch as the Best International Startup at TC50! I would like to congratulate the entire Trollim team on a job well done! Trollim is a competition platform for programmers […]

Guest Post by Ahuvah Berger I am a website collector. I don’t buy domain names; I save websites links. You could even call me a “website pack rat”. Every website I come across that has somewhat relevant information in my life is saved in my Delicious account and tagged with personalized keywords. I sleep better […]

Save an Alien, previously a successful Facebook application with over 250,000 users despite no marketing, is an app that lets you save virtual aliens from destruction. Similar to the virtual pet fad of the 1990s but for the Web 2.0 age, SaveAnAlien lets users take care of aliens whose planet was destroyed in a meteor […]

Guest Post written by Ilan Peer Advertising for television industry used to be formatted into 15/30/45 second spots but the internet has changed the industry drastically. The audience on the internet now makes up for more views than the number of views one can get through television advertisements (Tivo has a lot to do with […]

The name is Bond, James Bond but on twitter he’d be known as @jamesbond. This week we asked you what would Mr. Bond tweet about. This is what you had to say. Let’s start off with a really sophisticated answer by @nealwiser: “Bet you in next movie Bond will use Twitter to get the girl […]