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Guest Post written by Ahuvah Berger Ayelet sent me this powerpoint presentation and I felt strongly that the readers of our blog must take a look at it. i know we are all sick and tired of hearing the words “social media” but we all know that the internet is *all about* being social. The […]

This week we asked you “What would Yoda tweet”?  Just like in previous weeks, we found our contest hero already has an active twitter account: @yoda, Quite an entertaining one actually. In his last tweet he dissed the twitter community saying: “RT you all do. Original force there is little of”. So let’s see what you guys […]


My twitter Ethics

Guest Post written by Ilan Peer For the past two years I have been active on twitter and only recently (as of June 2008) my close friends and colleagues began to show up on twitter and therefore increased the amount of related and relevant content for me. twitter has become a daily tool of communication […]

Guest Post written by Ahuvah Berger Everywhere you turn you hear the words social media, user generated content, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc but the real question remains – what is the purpose of social media? How can companies leverage these tools to engage and monitor their brands online? We have watched an evolution occur on […]

“Imagine.” Imagine if John Lennon were still alive and on Twitter. That was the theme of this week’s contest, what would they tweet? Unlike previous contestants, I haven’t found a fake Twitter account for the late musical genius, but the site historical tweets does have one tweet for the musical legend “I said we were […]

This past weekend, Qype expanded its European presence and launched its Italian site.  For anyone who hasn’t heard of Qype before, the site originally  launched in 2005 in Germany. Qype now boasts over 350,000 active users, who have contributed over 1 million local reviews. I previously wrote about Qype when I visited them at Seedcamp. You can now access […]

This week you guys really rose to the occasion and came up with great responses to our weekly contest. This week we asked Twitterville what would Jesus tweet about. As with Marilyn Monroe and Ari Gold, it appears that Jesus really does tweet.” Here are some of the best responses we received: By far my […]

MyHeritage is a social network and software for genealogists. Launched in 2005, MyHeritage has since accumulated 33 million users worldwide. The company helps people build family trees, share them with their relatives and stay in touch with their loved ones. They are the most popular free family tree website according to Family Tree Builder, […]

Hashtags are becoming a useful way to organize information in today’s information age, when data is spread over a multitude of platforms. It is incredibly time consuming to log into Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and every other niche network that you have an account on and update the same information over and over again. However, with […]

“Lloyd!” Apparently people are afraid of Ari Gold. Or didn’t want a hug from the fictional Entourage character.  That must explain why the Twitterati were a bit afraid of tweeting for him in this week’s #wwtt contest. Or perhaps they just didn’t want to be too vulgar on Twitter. On Facebook, there was a bit […]