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Twitter obviously didn’t exist when Marilyn Monroe was around but it appears that Marilyn is still tweeting. Perhaps like Elvis, she is still alive. Whether it’s from Marilyn Monroe’s most famous impersonator @suziekennedy who tweeted ““there’s a girl in london pretending to be me” or @MarilynMonroe herself, it appears that The Blonde One still lives. […]

With more and more celebrities, like @aplusk, @Janefonda, @therealshaq, @Oprah, and @KevinSpacey on Twitter you can gain intimate details about their private lives and  interact with them. It’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to most of the world’s top stars… at least without resorting to stalking! Twitter is a relatively new tool that is […]

This is a repost from TechCrunch Europe BaseKit is an automatic site builder for websites – No XHTML/CSS, PHP, Perl, or other programming languages required. BaseKit lets web designers build websites quickly and easily. It differs from other similar services by allowing users to implement functional, interactive and dynamic elements without coding. It doesn’t simply […]

This is a repost from TechCrunch While at the recent Seedcamp Speed Dating event, I was introduced to UberVU. UberVU provides a single location to track conversations across multiple locations and sites. This social aggregation tool provides a conversational graph of threaded conversations. UberVU get comments, reactions, and mentions around a story from multiple services. […]

I  covered the startup back in March when they launched with their  Photo Finder app on Facebook. If you recall,  Photo-Finder goes through all the albums in Facebook that your account has access to, and using facial recognition technology, scans Facebook to find untagged photos of you and lets you browse through the results.  According […]

This is a re-post from Techcrunch Europe. I met Qype last week at the Seedcamp Speed Dating event as part of the Traveling Geeks tour.  Here’s a quick heads-up if you’re new to it: Qype is a way to discover new places (restaurants, events, nightlife, sports, etc.) with a focus on European cities, by going […]

While participating in the Traveling Geeks week in London, and checking out the start-up scene in the UK, I had the opportunity to interview a few of my fellow travelers about their impressions of the London tech scene. In between our busy schedule, I appreciated the chance to speak to Renee Blodgett and Sarah Lacy. […]

If you listen to Google (and these days who doesn’t) speed is everything on the “Web page load times are *the* critical metric” says Marissa Mayer, Google’s SVP for search. According to her, the entire basis for Google’s success was their emphasis on extremely fast page loads way back in the dial-up era when the […]

Which Social Network Could You Not Live Without?(trends)

This is a re-post from Techcrunch Europe. My fellow Traveling Geeks companion, Robert Scoble (aka the Scobleizer) and Peter Parkes from Skype were interviewed by Renee Blodgett who is the CEO of Magic Sauce Media, Co-founder of The Traveling Geeks and Founder and Producer of We Blog the World. We set up shop on the streets […]