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When Connie Talbot (age six) got up to sing in Briton’s Got Talent back in 2007 the judges were no less wowed, the audience no less thrilled and production no less stage-managed  than Susan Boyle’s performance a few weeks back. Connie Talbot’s audition video was uploaded to YouTube the day after her audition was broadcast […]


News from AOL

It can be argued that AOL is the granddaddy of the social Web. They were the first to have a buddies list, the first to really get instant messaging, groups, email as a social graph and they were the first to integrate all of these in one service. Lately they seem to be making a […]

Deep down I guess we all wish the start-ups whose services we like to use would stay as they are forever. Take for example Vimeo, a really great service with an awesome community that never quite made it into the mainstream. It is basically clear now that Twitter will not be one of those services. If the […]

[Note: this is #2 in a series of posts about Web 2.0 apps that actually get used at Blonde 2.0, see the first post here] To say that you really ‘get’ Twitter they say you need to do three things; 1) you need to get an @reply from someone you admire 2) you need to […]

AOL sure is in an interesting place these days. They have a brand new CEO (ex Google VP – Tim Armstrong), a legacy dial-up access business (that more than twenty years after it was launched) still makes billions of dollars a year and the rest of AOL split up into three different groups; 1) Platform […]

Let’s face it the barrier of entry to build a Web app these days is ridiculously low; developer tools are free, there are tons of good script libraries (especially the YUI) and companies like Amazon provide hosting and computing in a pay-per-use model. It seems that any group of kids hacking around is able to […]

  If you want to buy collectible’s and second hand items you go to EBay, if you’d like to buy a book you visit Amazon and that seems to be the limit of mainstream of physical retailing by pure Web companies. Many traditional retailers have a strong Web presence but that is arguably there to […]

AP: Tel Aviv, Israel – Today Blonde 2.0 Israel’s premier online public relations and social marketing consultancy firm has announced a full rebranding effort and will now be known as Brunette 3.0. Ayelet Noff, Founder and CEO of Blonde 2.0 released this statement; “Did you really think I was going to keep my hair one […]