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Feel lost in the world of social media? When you feel like you’ve been buried, you’ve been stumbling upon all the wrong things, the birds have stopped tweeting and you don’t know how to face the world of social media there’s no need to worry. Blonde 2.0 can help you learn about all the tools you […]

I spoke to Yossi Dan, CEO and Co-Founder of KonoLive, at the TechCrunch and KonoLive sponsered party at LeWeb.  KonoLive is a free application that, in their words, “lets you get things done together with your friends and colleagues.”  Through the KonoLive application, friends and co-workers can create and share documents, To-Do lists and other activities while collaborating. […]

Publing is a new site for local classifieds, activities and events where you can actually post your ad or message on bulletins in your neighborhood on Google Maps.  Users can navigate to their address, or the address of their business, and pin up a message advertising a service, asking a question, looking for new friends, looking […]

Last month I had the pleasure of talking with Ezra Butler, LuckyStartups’ Israel correspondant.  In our interview, Ezra and I discuss everything from my personal life and where I grew up to the services I provide as a “one-stop-shop” for startups, plus of course, let’s not forget, Ezra’s love for alcohol and chocolate. We also discuss the difference between […]

I recently attended the Facebook Developers Garage in Tel Aviv.  At the Garage, my good friend Net Jacobsson from Facebook, whom I worked with at ICQ, gave a lecture about the new evolution of Facebook– Facebook Connect. Nat began his lecture by emphasising that Facebook has always seen themselves as a platform for change with […]

You’ve probably heard about this thing called cloud computing– the convergence of virtualization, utility computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS)on a massive scale.  If you want to learn more about cloud computing and the kinds of amazing services that Amazon is offering, you will definitely want to be at the Amazon Web Services Meetup in Tel Aviv. The […]

Barack Obama used social media to get himself into the White House and thousands of companies are using social media to create brand awareness and an online buzz.  However, social media can also be used for many other purposes as well. If you work in Human Resources, you may be thinking, “I dont want to get to […]

I’ve been receiving a lot of gifts lately as my birthday and the holidays just passed, but one of the coolest things that I’ve received lately was the new Sumsung Omnia i900 phone, which Samsung was kind enough to give me as part of their marketing campaign with McCann Digital.  McCann Digital is turning to social media with […]

With all the information on the Web today, it is becoming harder and harder to find good quality content.  There are over 180 million bloggers worldwide and over 150,000 new blogs created each day.  How can you sift through all of this data to get down to the quality content that is most relevant and […]

Tellmewhere is a collaborative site where users come together to create a database of points of interest in their local areas.  On Tellmewhere you can share your favorite local places, point them out on a map and even upload pictures. You can also search for new and interesting places in your own area that have been recommended by […]