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About a month ago, YouTube had announced that they do not plan to enter the live streaming market. However many broadcasters have a real need for a platform that allows them to broadcast their live shows. Shaycarl who is one of the most popular and subscribed to users on YouTube looked for such a platform […]’s iPhone application just went live on the iTunes app store Friday night. This app allows iPhone users to: * View all the files stored on their accounts. The app supports all file types that the iPhone supports – Microsoft Office files, PDFs, photos, audio and video* Share files stored on their accounts with any […]

In these difficult economic times, it is important for all companies to become more cost-efficient. One of the ways you can lower your marketing costs is by turning to social media marketing (in case you’re not doing that already). Promoting your brand on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter doesn’t cost you anything (except […]

The Knight Foundation, a US-based foundation, is currently holding its Knight News Challenge, giving away $5 million for grants in digital, open-source innovation.The last day to submit applications for funding is November 1st, and I wanted to make sure to give my readers the heads up before others. Applications for the 2008-09 Knight News Challenge must follow three […]

During these times we are all somewhat paranoid about what the future will bring and whether we are entering a startup depression. In his newsletter dated Sept 27th, Jason Calacanis writes: “It’s my belief that the economic downturn will be much worse than it is today, and that 50-80% of the venture-backed startups currentlyoperating will […]

Flock is a social Web browser built off of FireFox but more focused on users’ social browsing needs, allowing users to automatically access various social Web accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Pownce, Flickr, and Youtube. Users can easily connect with their friends on these various social networks and share media with them while browsing the Web. In this […]

Who cares about what’s happening on Wall Street or in the US Presidential election, the big news story of the day is that Blonde 2.0 has (at least temporarily) gone red. We all need a little change in our lives and even though I will always be Blonde 2.0 at heart, I’ve decided to shake […]

My interview with Plista founder Dominik Matyka at TechCrunch50. Plista is a social recommender network based on collaborative filtering. In this video we discuss what Plista is, the advantages it gives users and publishers, and also its revenue model.         Technorati tags: interview, plista, startup, tc50, techcrunch50, conference, dominik matyka, blonde20, blonde 2.0, […]