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Here’s my interview with Daniel Tal, founder of Joongel at TechCrunch50:       Technorati tags: interview, joongel, tc50, techcrunch50, daniel tal, blonde20

Here’s my interview with Alex Schliker, founder of Snipd at TechCrunch50:         Technorati tags: interview, alex schliker, tc50, techcrunch50, snipd

For those of who haven’t yet seen my photos on Facebook, here are a few shots from TC50, Digg offices, and Blonde 2.0 Social Media Dinner. By the way, if we’re not friends on Facebook, please add me. If you’re my reader, you’re also my friend.   Mark Cuban @TC50   Robert Scoble @TC50   […]

One of the highlights of my trip to San Francisco was getting to spend time with my social media buddies, specifically JD Lasica, who is a social media guru and close friend. Here’s the interview he did with me during the TechCrunch50 conference. We talk on everything from Silicon Valley to Israel, to specific startups […]

Shryk has developed an online banking platform for teenagers and young adults called iThryv that teaches them financial literacy. Here’s their presentation at TechCrunch50.       Technorati tags: ithryv, techcrunch50, techcrunch, banking platform, online banking, financial literacy

Google announces its new newspaper imaging service at TechCrunch50 event.        Technorati tags: google, newspaper imaging, techcrunch50

Ashton Kutcher introducing the world to his new startup Blah Girls at TechCrunch 50 event. I apologize that the quality is not so great.       Technorati tags: ashton kutcher, blah girls, startup, world premier, techcrunch50

Another great video from the guys at CommonCraft. This time, an introduction to Social Media via a story about a small town with many flavors of ice cream.         Technorati tags: commoncraft, social media, video, marketing, promotion, social tools

ReadWriteWeb recently published the results of a one year follow up on a study of social media adoption at 500 of the fastest growing companies in the US done by The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.  According to results: “familiarity with and use of blogs, podcasting, wikis, online video and social networking has skyrocketed in 2008 […]

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