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Twitter Birdy

My friend Dan Shamir has created this adorable Twitter Birdy. Birdy is a cute air Twitter client that sits on your desktop and twitts whenever one of your friends updates his status. Try it yourself. Almost makes you feel like you’re in the country….(please note it’s still a little buggy).         Technorati tags: […]

Chris Heuer posts about the new FriendFeed Rooms and says that they replace the old mailing lists. I tend to agree with him. As Chris points out: We can have them public or private open or closed (members invite other members or not) we can message each other we can share links we can let […]

Space Vidcast is covering The Phoenix Lander’s seven minute decent to Mars on Ustream.TV right now! You can view it below or go to Ustream’s site to chat online with others as you’re watching and post your comments. This is definitely Web 2.0 at it’s best.     Some background on the mission: “The mission to […]

My dear friend Yaniv Golan, CTO of Yedda, had given a brilliant presentation regarding Incentives In Online Social Communities a few weeks ago at The Marker COM.vention and since it’s unfortunately in Hebrew, I wanted to translate it, include some of my own additions, and share it with you. Online community participation Let’s start with the obvious […]

Thursday night Garage Geeks hosted Sergey Brin, founder of Google, who was nice enough to answer many of our questions about Google’s past, future, and his view of the Israeli startup scene . So many questions were answered actually that my camera’s battery died at a certain point so I apologize for this video not showing the full Q & A […]

The last set of tickets for MashBash Tel Aviv was just released so anyone who still doesn’t have a ticket and wants to go, should RSVP immediately. No more tickets will be released and there will not be any available at the event itself. In addition to MashBash, Mashable will also be covering at least 10 Israeli […]

One week ago Nine Inch Nails surprised their fans with a special treat giving away their new album Slip absolutely free on their website. The album is available for download in a variety of formats: MP3, lossless at CD quality and 24/96 WAVE format, which means even higher-than-CD quality. Downloaders also receive a PDF with artwork and credits. This is […]

After the first 500 tickets to the Mashbash event were sold out within only a few hours, Mashable has decided to offer a few more tickets. You can now buy a ticket here at $10 a piece. There are currently about 40 tickets left so if you want to attend, you should hurry up and register. In case […]

My friend JD who was here a few weeks ago on the blogger posse road trip interviewed me regarding Israel’s Web 2.0 scene, my background, and services I offer to startups. You can check out my interview here. JD is a brilliant social media strategist, blogger, podcaster, co-founder of Ourmedia, president of the Social Media Group, […]