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Mashable is holding its first International MashMeet and it’s in Tel Aviv! Attending MashBash Tel Aviv will be startups, VC’s, Entrepreneurs, high profile CEO’s and Mashable’s Adam Hirsch. The event will take place on Wednesday June 11th, 7-10pm, at the Galina Beach Club, Hangar 19, Tel Aviv Port, Israel. In addition to Mashbash, Mashable will […]

Last week I had a chance to meet one of the most accomplished women in the tech industry, Susan Mernit. In her past, Susan had been a VP at Netscape & AOL and a Senior Director of Product Development at Yahoo!. Currently she works as a social media and web strategy consultant. Susan is amazingly knowledgeable about social media and […]


Facebook Chat

So this morning I get on Facebook and guess what I find? Facebook Chat. Yes it was expected, but it was also a nice suprise. Since I have I almost 900 friends on Facebook, you can imagine the number of IM’s I’ve been receiving. I find myself spending even MORE hours on Facebook today (if […]

In celebration of Earth Day, Zlango has created some fun cards that you can send to your friends. So go ahead, spread some Earth love. Zlango is a universal icon language for the web and mobile. Zlango connects people from around the world, transcending borders and building bridges between cultures. At the core of Zlango lies a comprehensive, […]


Seesmic Invites

Last week I met the lovely Cathy Brooks, Executive Producer of Seesmic. Cathy has generously given me a limited number of invites for Seesmic and I am giving them out to you guys. The first few people who comment “seesmic me” will receive them. For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of Seesmic, the service can best […]

Monday’s dinner was a great success. I want to thank everyone who came. Especially our guests of honor from the US: Robert Scoble Craig Newmark JD Lasica Susan Mernit Renee Blodgett Cathy Brooks Deb Schultz Sarah Lacy Brad Reddersen Jeff Saperstein Let me also take this opportunity to thank Flixwagon and Meemix for sponsoring the […]

Today I am hosting a dinner for our guests of honor this week in Israel: Robert Scoble Craig Newmark JD Lasica Susan Mernit Renee Blodgett Cathy Brooks Deb Schultz Sarah Lacy Brad Reddersen Jeff Saperstein The goal of this dinner is to introduce our guests to the people leading some of Israel’s most interesting startups, […]

Yesterday I attended The Marker Com.vention which I really enjoyed. Amongst some of the interesting workshops I attended: Yosi Taguri from Nuconomy enthusiastically explained to us about Nuconomy’s added value to Website owners,  Yaniv Golan from Yedda gave an amazing lecture on “Incentives in Social Networks”. After the Com.Vention many of us headed to the Garage Geeks event where we […]

In this month’s Marker Magazine you’ll find an article entitled “The Startups Dream Team” – this is a list of the top 40 industry experts you want in your startup to ensure its success. In this list you will find yours truly as the top expert in social networks and marketing within social platforms. Others […]

Since MySpace recently launched its MySpace Developer Platform (MDP), I was looking for some statistics on the virality of MySpace apps. According to Fred Wilson, Zynga, which has launched a couple of Apps on MDP, has done some interesting research and found the following: 1) Myspace apps are not taking off in the same speed that Facebook apps […]