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Asi Sharabi has written his second report on Facebook Applications Trends. You can see my post regarding his first report here. I find Asi’s reports to be extremely interesting and useful. Any person/company that’s currently offering or plans to offer an application on Facebook, should definitely read both reports to get an idea on “what’s […]

This week OpenSocial applications have gone live on MySpace and members can now install these apps and display them on their pages. Not only can these apps be used on MySpace but they support the OpenSocial 0.7 API which means that users will be able to use them on all member sites of OpenSocial such as:, […]

Nick O’Neill has recently interviewed Mark Zuckerberg (in a slightly different manner than Sarah Lacy). Here’s what Mark had to say: 1) He believes the reaction to his interview with Sarah Lacy was overblown. 2) Mark claims that the 5,000 friend limit on Facebook is more of a technical limitation than anything else and even […]

 Want to tell your loved ones you love them Web 2.0 style? Here are some Love 2.0 Cards brought to you by Flyer Blogging. You can email the card to your loved ones, or post it on MySpace, Orkut, hi5, Facebook FunWall, and other social networks, blogs and Web pages using Hyplet‘s publishing platform:   Save […]

Michael Eisenberg, GP at Benchmark Capital discusses why one should invest in Israeli hi-tech at this time:  1) VC industry which was overfunded in the 1999-2000 time frame has since become right-sized – right number of funds for the right number of deals 2) We are seeing the second wave of entrepreneurs – Made it in the past, have […]