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Guy Grimland, editor of TheMarker IT has recently interviewed me for an article discussing the importance of blogger coverage for startups as opposed to traditional media coverage. In my interview I told Guy that bloggers today have a dramatic effect on the outcome of startups. Bloggers are the opinion leaders of today. I would be […]

A nice tutorial from Webking regarding Firefox extensions, how to find them, plus some recommendations:     A Firefox extensions tutorialWatch more DIY videos on       Technorati tags: firefox, firefox extensions, tutorial, recommendations, 5min. webking

Here’s 60 Minutes’ interview with Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder of Facebook:         Technorati tags: 60 minutes, interview, mark zuckerberg, facebook, facebook founder, social network

An article was published about Blonde 2.0 today in: The Marker, the leading business magazine in Israel. Click here to read the full article in Hebrew. Technorati tags: blonde 2.0, blonde2dot0, the marker, business, article

Here are some hilarious negotiating tips for Yang & Co. from 5min‘s famous Shpigler:   How to Negotiate – Tips for Yahoo!Watch more DIY videos on       Technorati tags: yahoo, microsoft, deal, negotiating, tips, jerry yang, steve ballmer, 5min, shpigler, video, funny

The Pew Research Center has recently come out with its “Internet’s Broader Role in Campaign 2008” report. This report’s findings are based on the results of a survey the Center conducted in December 2007 amongst 1430 American adults. The data is fascinating and I wanted to share of its most intriguing findings with you. Summary of Findings: 1) The internet […]