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I found Seth Porges’s post through Stowe Boyd’s blog. Stowe calls it “the weakest argument against Web 2.0 yet”. I agree. Seth writes:“Web 2.0 is/was a bit different. If the defining trait of the first Web cycle was the stupid animated GIF, the current “It” sites all have one thing in common: They are, to […]

I am so tired of hearing certain people who have no idea what they’re talking about speaking about the death of Web 2.0. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know my belief regarding Web 2.0 – Web 2.0 a better and more effective way for us to act upon the same human needs that we’ve […]

I just finished reading an excellent post by Brian Solis regarding conversational marketing. Brian writes: “If it’s one thing that we can learn about Social media is that people and the markets they represent have rallied against marketing and slick marketers and have demanded personalization, transparency, and sincerity. Social Media is about breaking down barriers to […]

After I published my last post regarding the psychological aspects behind Web 2.0’s success, I received a great deal of feedback from you guys. One of my readers, Ahuvah, told me about the post that she had just written entitled  How The Internet Ruined My Social Skills. In her post, Ahuvah writes: “Facebook replaced the phone […]

I have recently read Yarden Lewinsky’s post regarding Web 2.0 and The Evolution of the Ego. This is a fascinating article written in Hebrew and I wanted to share its key ideas with you. Since Yarden is a Medical Doctor specializing in Psychiatry and also has been involved in a few internet projects, he has […]

360Gadget has launched its new personalized start page app for Facebook. If you’re a Facebookaholic like me, you’ll love this application. It allows you to do many of your other web activities without needing to leave the social network. The application also allows you to subscribe to your favorite RSS feeds, search Google, and write notes […]

Need some help in finding a good Italian restaurant in your area? Looking for a new addictive TV show to follow? is a new social recommendation and discovery site where you can recommend just about anything…products, services, even people. Without even registering, you can browse through the “Stuff People are Asking About” and the […]

Here’s a very cool video created by Yigal that I found on In this video, Yigal shows us how we can make Google images fly…  Enjoy!       Technorati tags: internet, trick, cool, video, 5min, google, images, code

Dror Gill liked my How to Effectively Use Social Networks post so much that he turned it into a song. Thanks Dror! You can check it out here. The lyrics go as follows: Social networks are so greatA wonderful place to meet and mateBut there are a few simple rulesTo make them really an effective toolVirtual communities […]

If you had three million dollars to invest in any startup company, which one would you choose and why? Your answer can also include startup ideas that don’t exist yet…             Thanks to Dierken for this pic.   Technorati tags: question, invest, startup