On September 9th, my friend Jeff Pulver along with a few other interesting people are organizing an international music event in support of peace and unity. The event will be held in Jerusalem and will feature the Black Eyed Peas, along with Arrested Development, and The Commitments (yes, the band from the movie).

The mission of Jerusalem Rocks:

Jerusalem Rocks! will bring together musicians from all over the world in support of peace and unity. Jerusalem has hundreds of thousands of students and youth, numerous universities and a total population of 725,000. The city, its population and industry strive to show the world that Jerusalem is dedicated to peace and, more, is a growing center of today’s culture and business. However, Jerusalem has not hosted a mega international musical event in many years. Jerusalem Rocks! speaks to all these issues. It is not only a gift to Jerusalem; it is a statement to the world.”

I think what would make this event a true symbol of peace is the addition of Israeli and Palestinian musicians performing together. Perhaps through the international language of music, we could start making the progress that our politicians haven’t been able to make.

For more information on the event and to purchase tickets, visit the event website.